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CAMTAGGER , the new app that allows you to personalize and protect your pictures and video right on your phone!  Use CAMTAGGER to “Tagg” video and pictures to identify that YOUR content is owned by YOU.  Tagg all of your content with CAMTAGGER’S patented (US Pat. No 8,773,454), unique watermarking technology. It’s easy!  Send friends and family personalized videos and pictures in seconds right from your smart phone.  CAMTAGGER , own your content!

What is a TAGG?

A TAGG is a permanent watermark (TEXT) that you create either inside the CAMTAGGER App or an image file that you import from your device or desktop computer. CamTagger will embed the TAGG into your picture or video. Within the CAMTAGGER App on your device, users can create on-demand TAGGs that include multiple text, text w/background, images, or images w/text.


CamTagger's patent-pending technology embeds a unique message or picture onto any picture or video, either in your library or directly from your device's internal camera. CamTagger saves your original picture or video in its original form and creates a duplicate for water marking and uploading. When you submit videos to web sites, social networking sites, or news organizations, first submit your TAGGED version and then supply a "clean" version upon request.

A wide variety of options exist within CamTagger that allow the user to customize individual TAGGs: Text Color, Background Color, Opacity Level, Image Illumination, Font Size, Font Type, Image Size, Image Orientation/Rotation. Save your preferences within a "Styles" folder on your device.

Create a TAGG once, and re-use it quickly and easily within the CamTagger App by saving the TAGG as a FAVORITE in a "Custom TAGGs" folder on your device.

Once protected by your TAGG, CamTagger's "Share" function allows you to mail, text, upload your watermarked video with peace of mind to various social networks.

CAMTAGGER is currently available on the IOS platform. Droid and use of CAMTAGGER on tablets will be available by fall 2014.

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